LOTUSWEI Sacred Body WeiQi Facial Mist

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Sacred Body WeiQi Facial Mist 9-Flower Remedy

with Bio-Active Silver & Night-Blooming Jasmine essential oil. Spray directly on your face & inhale through your nose to support the body’s natural detoxification and self-healing processes. You can even spray it in your mouth (people say that it tastes like bubble gum)!

The subtle body is a gateway to your vitality.

Auric revitalization. Bioenergetic purification. Ethereal alignment


  • Clear negative or foreign energies.
  • Nourish and revitalize WeiQi protective energy layer in energy field.
  • Re-establish healthy boundaries in the subtle bodies.
  • Experience more ease.
  • Tap into grounded inner strength & resilience.
  • Find the balance between extremes of yang (overworking) or yin (stagnation).
  • Perceive the sacredness of your own body. 


Infused with 9 flower remedies for rapid detox, self-healing & vitality.

Crown Flower for Equipoise: Evacuate emotional toxins; dissolve fear stored in cellular memories; expand capacity to absorb sunlight to nourish clarity & inner wisdom.

Eagle Fern for Self-Trust: Dissolve imbalanced extremes of yang (burnout) or yin (stagnation); inspire self-trust & willingness to execute on intuitive inclinations; embrace fear of the unknown & operate in the present moment.

Desert Milkweed for Safety: Amplify comfort & ease in any environment; view stressful experiences as temporary rather than ‘who you are’; eliminate tendency to perceive an environment as unwelcoming.

Century Agave for Release: Dissolve emotional pattern of struggle; calm your system & find your ease.

Octopus Agave for Stability: Actualize inner masculine aspects; enhance inner support & discipline; transition from self-orientation to humanity-orientation.

Taiwanese Lily for Fluidity: Ease tension & tightness; energize & amplify resiliency; help maintain balanced energies.

Yarrow for Vitality: Revitalize after exposure to incompatible electromagnetics; clear toxic or foreign energies in your energetic field; promote radiance of the skin.

Pink Lotus for Wisdom: Awaken inner wisdom and knowingness; dissolve stagnant energy, weakness & apathy; experience the sacredness of everyday life

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